Automated Turrets

This modification adds Automated Turrets in DayZ. Mod includes 6 Turrets. You can place this turrets anywhere on any map

Mod Includes:
- Automated Turrets System
- 6 Turrets ( 3 Bottom and 3 Top mounted )
- Turret stand ( optional )

You can find config.json in your server profile/AutomatedTurrets folder
In this config you can change:
- Turret Position and Rotation
- Turret scanning radius
- Bullet Type, that Turret shoots
- Turret shooting speed
- Turret chance to miss
- Define if Turret shoots explosive bullets
- Define if Turret can be destroyed
- Define time after which Turret will respawn
- Define what Players/Zombies/Animals Turret will kill

You can find configuration files in INFO folder

Placing Turrets using DayZ Editor or other tools (like VPPAdminTools) will break mods functionality -> Turrets will turn into "bricks"! Use config.json!
To add custom positions for Turrets look in INFO/config_EXPLANATION.cpp file

If you are using VPPAdminTools to get Turrets coordinates, you need to have this checkbox enabled in Object Manager for Turrets to show up.

All 3D models, textures and scripts were made by Evgeny__N