Custom Keycards

This modification adds a keycard system to the game, as well as doors for them. The system is very flexible, has a large number of settings for each specific door, and it can also be used on any map.

Mod Includes:
- Keycard System
- 36 Keycard Doors
- 15 Keycards
- 2 Keycards Holders

You can find config.json file in your server profile/CustomKeycards folder

In this config you can change:
- Keycard Doors Position and Rotation
- Time to Auto Close
- Keycard(s) that opens specific Keycard Door (Any item(s) can be used, not just Keycard(s))
- Damage to item, that was used for opening specific Keycard Door
- Enable or disable keycard swipe / wrong keycard swipe / door close sounds

You can find all configuration files in INFO folder and:
- Example config.json and 2 example mappings for it (NWAF and Tisy)

Placing doors using DayZ Editor or other tools (like VPPAdminTools) will break mods functionality -> keycard doors will become normal doors! Use config.json!
To add custom positions for Keycard doors look in INFO/config_EXPLANATION.cpp file

If you are using VPPAdminTools to get Keycard Doors coordinates, you need to have this checkbox enabled in Object Manager for Keycard Doors to show up.

This mod do not have "special" loot spawns or loot crates.

All 3D models, textures and scripts were made by Evgeny__N