Hacking System

This modification adds a Hacking System and Hacking Tool. Hacking tool is craftable from LCD, Hacking Board and USB. Hacking System has config.json, where you can configure it.

Mod Includes:
- Hacking System
- 1 Hacking Tool with crafting parts

You can find config.json in your server profile/HackingSystemV2 folder
In this config you can change:
- Hacking time and Auto Close time
- Damage to Hacking Device and Battery inside of it
- Define if BaseBuildings/Tents/Containers are raidable
- Logging setting
- Sound settings
- Raiding Tier List

Mod has INFO folder with:
- Explanation for config.json, Class Names and types.xml
- config.cpp for adding new Hacking Device

All 3D models, textures and scripts were made by Evgeny__N