Drones This modification adds 3 functional Drones (3 Types), each with its unique capabilities (including 14 Recon drones in different camouflages). These drones can carry cargo and explosives, and players can control them via the Drone Tablet. Additionally, the mod offers several customizable options, making it perfect for enhancing the overall gameplay experience. See on […]

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Live Radio

Live Radio This modification adds a live radio to the game. Radio is synced between players and has 6 custom radio stations. Mod Includes:– 6 Radio Stations ( 4 Hours Each ) Buy Controls Credits To toggle radio inside vehicle you need to press R buttonTo change radio stations inside vehicle you need to press Left or Right buttons. When chaning

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Automated Turrets

Automated Turrets This modification adds automated turrets to the game. Currently the modification contains: – M60E4 Turret (Bottom/Top mounting variants) – M134 Minigun Turret (Bottom/Top mounting variants) – Browning M2HB Turret (Bottom/Top mounting variants) See on Workshop Homemade Turret Addon Configuration Important Info You can find AutomatedTurretsConfig.json in your server profiles/AutomatedTurrets folder.List of settings that

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Hacking System

Hacking System This modification adds a Hacking System and Hacking Tool. Hacking tool is craftable from LCD, Hacking Board and USB. Hacking System has config.json, where you can configure it. Mod Includes: – Hacking System – 1 Hacking Tool with crafting parts See on Workshop Configuration Supported Mods Credits You can find config.json in your server

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Static Planes

Static Planes This modification adds 3 lore friendly planes for you mappings. Mod Includes: – 1 Big cargo plane ( IL-76 – 2 Variants) – 2 Fighters ( MIG-21 and SU-27 – 3 Variants Each) See on Workshop Class Names Credits land_evg_IL76 land_evg_IL76_New land_evg_IL76_noGear land_evg_IL76_New_noGear land_evg_MIG21 land_evg_MIG21_New land_evg_MIG21_Silver land_evg_MIG21_noGear land_evg_MIG21_New_noGear land_evg_MIG21_Silver_noGear land_evg_SU27 land_evg_SU27_Camo2 land_evg_SU27_Camo3 land_evg_SU27_noGear

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